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Cafe Fratello Kerobokan

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Cafe Fratello serves a wide selection of diverse food menus both Local, Asian and Western International cuisine. The cozy and elegant concept coupled with the view of the green valley makes everyone who comes feel at home to linger to enjoy an atmosphere that makes you relax and calm.

In addition to food, Cafe Fratello provides many choices of drinks, especially coffee which is much liked by visitors, various variants of coffee such as robu


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Fratello Burger

Look at those delicious Fratello Burger.

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Only at Cafe Fratello Bali.


Open Daily : 12-00-22-00

Jl. Raya Kesambi No.14 B, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali


Chicken Parmigiana

Look at those delicious choco larva Chicken Parmigiana.

Give it a try, please.

Only at Cafe Fratello Bali.


Open Daily : 12-00-22-00

Jl. Raya Kesambi No.14 B, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali


Chocolate Lava

Look at those delicious Chocolate Lava.

Give it a try, please.

Only at Cafe Fratello Bali.


Open Daily : 12-00-22-00

Jl. Raya Kesambi No.14 B, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali



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Everyday discount 10%

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-All Pizza free Ice Tea

-Buy Fried Rice Free Ice Tea


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Jl. Raya Kesambi No.14b, Kerobokan, Kabupaten Badung

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Mon-Sun: 12AM - 22PM



About Bali

The Islands of Gods doesn’t get its name for granted. Originally meant as a nod to Balinese’s belief in many Gods, as shown in Hinduism. However, this Island prove that its title yet has another meaning; surrounded by blue crystal water, lined with white pristine beaches, and filled with freshly vast greens, Bali is indeed a heaven in earth.

Visiting Bali conjures up the image of getting amazed with majestic Puras, laze around under palm trees gently swayed by the wind blows, sunbathing on sandy beaches, and sipping tropical juices. The days are sunny and slow, radiating particular vibes that only Bali can do  Cafe Instagramable In Kerobokan.

Your holiday will only be perfect when you have amazing place to stay. For your information, finding villas for rent in Bali in incredibly affordable price with eminent service is easy. Imagine chilling in your own pool during the hot day, surrounded by green walls that make your little paradise secluded from the outsiders, does it sounds good? Yes, you can afford that type of holiday without emptying your bank account tw indah furnitures

Hunting villas for rent in Bali with us will leave you with great satisfaction. The villas often treats you with the luxury of ultimate freedom, an abundant living space where you can rest anywhere in the house or cooking comfortably in spacious kitchen (pro tips: it’s cheaper to do your own cooking during a long stay and keep your holiday on budget). The villas are build around island’s tropical style—while still maintaining its elegance—melting the privacy and comforts of staying at home with a luxurious 5 star boutique hotel in one place. With outstanding architecture built in acres of land and vast outdoors, some of our villas for rent in Bali are the best in the Island. You can even throw an MTV-like patty effortlessly in one of our villa, of course with far lesser price than you saw on screen Cafe Instagramable In Kerobokan.

Bali has a lot to offer. It treasures many sightseeing attraction, scattered across the Island. A number of resort area has emerges, and each of them are unique to their own. With many of our villa located in the heart of Bali’s top tourist destination, you will have no difficulties to find villa for rent in Bali when enjoying the attractions at its best. We provide many type of Bali family villas that you can choose when you plan to holiday with families.

To ensure your holiday run smooth and memorable, we are more than willing to help you discover the most of each resort area, luxury villa rental bali, and the incredible experience you get when you are staying at one of our villas for rent in Bali nearby Cafe Instagramable In Kerobokan.


Kuta, probably the busiest and most crowded spot in the Island, Kuta has long been renowned as the best place to enjoy Bali’s spectacular sunset since 1970. Just 15 minutes away from the airport, Kuta stole the attention as a major destination for both local and international tourist, especially the first-timers. It has grown as the home of hundred surfing center, grande shopping malls, famous bars, street markets, and leading recreational spots to cater your crave for every kind of entertainment. The bars in Kuta and Legian are more than ready to have you once the sun sets. Its nightlife is full of upbeat music, binge drinking, and rooftop dining to light up your life.

You can stay in almost every corner of Kuta, but after bumping countless shoulders and struggling to cut through the cramped road of Kuta and Legian with your scooter, it’s natural if you want to finally have quality rest in your roomy villa Kuta Bali just for your own, without competing with other tourists again. As the villas are close to the airport as well, it means that you don’t need to rush to catch up your flight home. It’s about a sense of security and comfort.


Nested in the west coast of Bali, the once fisherman village separated from Kuta has gained popularity as the trendiest area in town. Developments creeps along the coastline; pompous boutiques, designer shops, and beach-themed homeware galleries have somehow creates upscale ambience to the area. Seminyak is all about being spending holiday in style. Seminyak is perfect for taking a leisure walk in along Jalan Seminyak in a bright, sunny day, before heading to the beach. Grab some gelatos along the way and take selfies on Seminyak’s photogenic streets Cafe Instagramable In Kerobokan.

This fabulous town is well known as home of most upscale resort. Some of our most luxurious villas for rent in Bali are located in Seminyak, capturing the laid back and stylish vibes at its finest. Once you stay at our well-designed Bali Villas Seminyak, you will get spoiled with gig bars, rooftop dining at your choice, and shopping entertainment right at your doorstop. 

It’s not only about getting a place to rest. It’s about staying in stunningly beautiful villas that will even turn your short term holiday into memorable experience—and of course a shareable moments. Our Seminyak villas are build in effortlessly chic designs, and to make it more perfect, having a top notch service that will make your holiday even more enjoyable.


For you who want to be away from nosy parties, then Ubud Is for you. Situated in the uplands of Bali, the atmosphere in Ubud is totally different than that in Kuta or Seminyak. For many, Ubud is equal to tranquility, as the land still maintain strong connection to the earth. It’s the home of Bali’s some major temple, the sacred monkey forest, and enormous Tegalalang rice terrace Cafe Instagramable In Kerobokan.

Ubud is a heaven for healthy living enthusiast and yogis. You can recreate an Eat-Pray-Love experience by indulging in delicious vegan cuisine or or joining yoga classes that can be easily find among western shops that lining up the main streets.

Surrounded by forest and small rivers, Ubud is a perfect place to cool down, reflect, and unwind. Infused with Ubud’s spiritual vibes, our soulful-designed villa Ubud Bali are ready to recharge your energy. Everyday, you’ll wake up refreshed with the view of vast green rice fields and sounds of the birds. Have a relaxing and casual experience by soaking in our villa’s bathtub while enjoying the cool breeze of Ubud. Choosing a full serviced villas for rent in Bali, build in the natural environment of Ubud, will surely foster your cozy living and mindful vacancy. 


Sanur gain its fame through its sunrise beaches, located exactly at the opposite side of Kuta and Seminyak. Less crowded than those beaches, Sanur makes a great choice to take a leisure walk in paved walk—or even bicycling in a peaceful morning. Start your day with Sanur’s fresh seafood that’s available at seaside warungs—traditional food stall—or restaurants.

Come early to watch the dark blue sky transforms into purple hue with hints of oranges and yellow scratches while the sun rise above the glistening sea, displaying breath-taking color transition in the horizon line. You can have the luxury of waking up into this view everyday at our beachfront villa Sanur Bali.

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Just 10 minutes from Seminyak, Canggu has grown a lot and becoming the hot neighbor in the coastline. The international residence grow side by side with the locals, still leaving acres of lush green paddies, and some tranquility vibes to the area. Canggu has not been overgrown by touristic development, making it as a excellent choice if you want to have a taste of chic beach in a still particularly remote area. Compared to the sophisticated Seminyak, multicultural Kuta, or the quiet Sanur, Canggu is more attributed into a more hippie and boho style, credits to the surfing life and bohemian cafes along the road. Stay at Canggu Bali villa rentals, the coolest beach town in the island, and you’ll never wish to return to hotel ever again. 

Its sands might be not as white as Seminyak or Kuta, but you can enjoy one of the most amazing surfing experience in Canggu. After riding the waves, you might want to adore the beauty of Canggu past noon, closer to dusk. Grab some sunset drinks under twinkling lamps in one of its many cafes, chill bars, and restaurant while watching the sun drowns beneath the horizon, leaving some of the last surfer on the shore. Take the pleasure to watch the pastel sky turns color, take a slow walk along the road, and bump into galleries that stole your eyes. When you have done exploring the neighborhood, head to your wonderful villa Canggu Bali to throw your back into our king-size bed or just have a relaxing night in the pavilion. It’s literally only taking minutes away from the center of Canggu—where you spent most of your day—to your comfortable nest.

Take a little ride to the south from International Ngurah Rai Airport, and you will arrive at Jimbaran, a great blend of luxurious treat within local community. Taking a bite (or two) of seafood cuisine is a must when you are in Jimbaran, as the area is famous for fresh seafood. In fact, Jimbaran host the largest seafood market in the Island, so make sure you don’t miss this delicacy. Have your favorite grilled, boiled, or seasoned with local herbs, whichever you wish. 

White pristine sands spread out along the coastline of Jimbaran, stretched until Uluwatu and occasionally stopped by limestone cliffs. Jimbaran acclaims its title as home of some of Bali’s best beaches, such as Suluban, Nyang-Nyang, and Padang-Padang to name a few. Nature creates a stunning view when turquoise-blue ocean meets the clean white sands, framed by chunks of high limestones.

With this kind of view, no one will blame you if you have a urgent need to launch your important event. Who doesn’t want to say their vow by the beach? The scenic panoramas of this place will serve a wonderful background for your celebration. Yup, Jimbaran is worldwide popular as wedding party destination. Planning your important event at villa Jimbaran Bali will take you a step closer to your perfect wedding, as you will get a very spacious venue for your party and as well as a place for your guest to stay in just one place.

Nusa Dua

Want to have a more Bali private Villas, intimate vacation away from the crowds? Nusa Dua is your answer. When you have grown tired with all the hip of Kuta, Nusa Dua are ready to give you a luxury treat. Filled with premium spas to pamper up your body, fine dining in impressive ambience, and sumptuous lodgings dominating the land, Nusa Dua has gain recognition as a luxurious resort. This is another option for enjoying upscale entertainment than Seminyak, just much quieter.
Villas for Monthly Rental in Bali - DonnyBali.com
Nusa Dua is also also associated with its water sport and finest spot for underwater exploration. It also gives you experiences that might only Nusa Dua can offer, such Camel riding along Sawangan coast, play part on golf sport (something you rarely found in Bali), or just simply taking a moment to admire Water Blow, where waves powerfully splashes against the jagged limestone cliff, so hard that the water are blown up to the sky.

You’ll notice that the day pass even slower in Nusa Dua than in any other place at the island. Wake up to a stunning beach view from your french-windowed villa Nusa Dua Bali. There will come a day when the day is too hot and the sun is too bright to have a walk along the beach, and all you want to do is just stay in your spacious room and enjoy the endless blue, getting lulled by the sound of tossing waves. Some of them even have infinity pool that’s totally social-media-share worthy. While quiet Nusa Dua is perfect for having your little one runs safely, our roomy villas are more than enough to have your extended family enjoy leisure holiday comfortably.

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